V HOUSE Radio 054 | Thee-O


Mix recorded live at Delicious Pizza, Los Angeles California 5/27/2018.

Thee-O has always been ahead of his time, as a DJ, label owner, producer, and a re-mixer. He has been heralded as one of the most popular and hardworking DJ’s in Los Angeles. Thee-O has been deemed the Godfather of the dance culture due to his longevity as a L.A. DJ since 1992. A musical entertainer since he was in pre-school, a mobile DJ since he was 13, a king of Goa and a Master of Trance and Techno in his twenties, and now a house-music veteran, DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles, radiates his musical mastery in the global electronic scene.

“It’s hard to believe that one DJ can exude such confidence and mastery over so many styles of music.” – URB Magazine

The name Thee-O has an immense impact on the electronic scene-sters that goes hand-in-hand with the Southern California rave and club culture. Ask anyone who resides in L.A. about DJ Thee-O and you will hear how they saw him at their first rave back in the early 90s or how they just heard his new track being dropped in a club downtown. Thee-O’s passion for the electronic dance culture surpasses his talent and skills at the turntables and beyond to the studio.

Thee-O is best known for his talented mixing and scratching skills along with his consistent sets that always get the crowds moving and grooving. His loyal following continues to grow not only in the city of L.A. but beyond the U.S., with help from his numerous amount of original music productions, MP3 Sets, pod-casts, CD’s, mix tapes, and his untiring efforts for the dance music industry that he loves so much. His DJing has taken him to 3 countries, 30 states and over 60 cities. Soon he will be traveling abroad to even more locations to spread his passion for the music.

“It is still a rush for me. After 16 years in this, I still find new things about that I enjoy. The music still is the main motivation for me.” – Thee-O



V HOUSE Radio 053 | Randall

Randall X is the other half of the V House Crew. His roots run deep in the boogie and underground house community in Los Angeles. Since the early 2000’s, Randall has been involved in throwing some of the first roof top parties in LA.

Growing up, both of Randall’s grand parents worked for Yamaha keyboards.  This shaped who he is.  Around the age of 3, his grandfather put a floppy disk in one of the keyboards and it played the Beverly Hill’s Cop theme song.  Randall’s mind was blown.  Ever since, music has been a part of life for Randall.  “It needs to have emotion behind it” is how Randall selects songs.



V HOUSE Radio 051 | G-Dubbs Live BBQ Park Jam 6 3-24-2018

G-Dubbs is a key player and advocate in L.A House Music. With 20 years in the electronic music industry and countless appearances to his credit he is a true purveyor of quality house music in Southern California.

A native of Los Angeles, G-Dubbs got introduced to electronic music in the early Nineties. This lead him to create Sacred Grounds in 1995 which is recognized as one of the longest running house events on the west coast. Going on eighteen years in the making, Sacred Grounds has established itself as a true legend in underground house music. It’s no wonder why his hard work, drive, energy, and love for house music has been harnessed into his passion as a DJ.

G-Dubbs is constantly pushing the boundaries of his sound. From his chunky-funky style, acid house & tech house, and techno, he continues turn the heads of tastemakers, drawing him not only new fans, but also landing him gig after gig. With the introduction of new technological advancements in delivering the best quality sets available he continues to develop his craft. His development has culminated him to play at renowned events & venues from Los Angeles (Home Made Events), San Diego (Lifted), to Las Vegas (Club Risque De Paris) and Miami (Klutch). He has also shared the decks with notable and renowned DJ talents, and artists.

V HOUSE Radio 050 | DJ Reza Live BBQ Park Jam 6 3-24-2018

His unique musical style and charismatic showmanship have distinguished Reza as a Musical Trendsetter and favored Party Rocker! DJ Reza is responsible for putting the “Grand” back in “Finale” annually at Americas largest Halloween Spooktacular Monster Massive. The DJ moniker would eventually find its way in front of Rezas name, but not without the hard work, self-discipline and strong personal ethics for earning professional credibility.


Self-taught the art of mixing, it was no coincidence that DJ Reza devoted his time and efforts to what started out as a hobby to being a true enthusiast to dance music culture. Aside from his duties as founder of Go Ventures, one of Americas leading purveyor of dance music events attracting crowds of at least 50,000 per, respectively. Armed with over a decade of experience in the nightlife business, highly respected and loved by everyone, Reza has established close relationships with some of the worlds most notable and renowned DJ talents, artists and promoters.

His style is limitless with an enormous bound of continuous energy that cant be matched. Its Dance Music, with a lot of different twists. From funky House, Tribal, to Electro, sometimes vocally charged but always sweet to the last beat. Nothings ever set or the same when hes on the decks, the music is always freshly delivered.