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V HOUSE Radio 083 | Randall

Randall, from V HOUSE Radio, has a friend in Tangier. The friend wasn’t feeling good, so Randall made his friend a mix. This is the mix. The photo for this mix was shot by Randall‘s friend in Tangier.

Feel good everyone.

Mix recorded live 12-3-2018


Jesse Futerman – Vista
Scott Diaz – Take A Chance
OOFT! – High Hopes
Session Victim – Bring It Back
Closed Paradise – Praise
Kisk – Jazzy Tourism (Scsi-9 Remix)
Ciggy De La Noche – Moroccan Mint Infusion
DJ Koze – Pick Up
CoastDream – 2K7
Nachtbraker – Aauw
Mood II Swing pres Loni Clark – Love’s Got Me (On A Trip So High) (Mood II Swing)
Hidden Spheres – This Is For U
The Loods – Everytime

V HOUSE Radio 053 | Randall

Randall X is the other half of the V House Crew. His roots run deep in the boogie and underground house community in Los Angeles. Since the early 2000’s, Randall has been involved in throwing some of the first roof top parties in LA.

Growing up, both of Randall’s grand parents worked for Yamaha keyboards.  This shaped who he is.  Around the age of 3, his grandfather put a floppy disk in one of the keyboards and it played the Beverly Hill’s Cop theme song.  Randall’s mind was blown.  Ever since, music has been a part of life for Randall.  “It needs to have emotion behind it” is how Randall selects songs.