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V HOUSE Radio 056 | AJ Mora

Mix recorded live at Delicious Pizza, Los Angeles California 5/27/2018.

AJ MORA is a legendary pioneer of the Electronic Dance Music community. He is a prolific internationally renowned Remixer, DJ and Producer. He is considered one of L.A.’s most influential leaders in the industry. A true experienced original.

With countless career releases and remixes to his name he is a veteran professional with no end in sight! Collaborations with icon artists like Donna Summer, he has also played along side major talent from our EDM community like; Sasha, Andy Caldwell, Late Night Alumni, Julian Jordan, Dubvision, Danic and Dyro, Trent Cantrelle, Them Lost Boys, Morgan Page, Louie Vega, Robbie Rivera, Richard Vission, Armand Van Helden, Roger Sanchez, Adam Auburn, Scott Blackwell, Oscar G and many others that have left a mark on the global dance scene. Through his music publishing company, Sketch Music Group, AJ’s work has been featured on HBO’s The Sopranos, Disney specials, ESPN and various other TV programming. AJ co-founded and co-owned the L.A. based indie label Aquaboogie Records and as a co-host on Powertools, the longest running FM radio mix show in the country, (105.9 FM KPWR Power 106) also has the chops for working the mic. He has held several residencies throughout the years. He has traveled the globe sharing his music and experience, countries including Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Australia, Japan, Dominican Republic, South and Central America, Canada and Taiwan. His domestic and international success began with a #1 on Billboard’s 100 Hot Dance Music chart with his production and performance involvement with techno trio, The Movement, and club smash Jump Everybody! AJ has witnessed first-hand the heartbeat of the music that has shaped much of his life. He continues growing his worldwide fan base and appeal.

As a performing Artist AJ provides a creative blend of DeepTechHouse and a unique TribalTech flavor with a Techno taste. AJ has a gifted ability to capture any audience with incredible creative programming skills and a mixing style that highlights his original talent as an artist before the synchronized computer software era. He brings a mix that moves every dance floor. AJ MORA is a must see live. In his home town of Los Angeles, California, he has played in some of the city’s top venues including; Exchange L.A., Room 86, Avalon, Playhouse, Tru King King and House of Blues just to name a few.


V HOUSE Radio 054 | Thee-O


Mix recorded live at Delicious Pizza, Los Angeles California 5/27/2018.

Thee-O has always been ahead of his time, as a DJ, label owner, producer, and a re-mixer. He has been heralded as one of the most popular and hardworking DJ’s in Los Angeles. Thee-O has been deemed the Godfather of the dance culture due to his longevity as a L.A. DJ since 1992. A musical entertainer since he was in pre-school, a mobile DJ since he was 13, a king of Goa and a Master of Trance and Techno in his twenties, and now a house-music veteran, DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles, radiates his musical mastery in the global electronic scene.

“It’s hard to believe that one DJ can exude such confidence and mastery over so many styles of music.” – URB Magazine

The name Thee-O has an immense impact on the electronic scene-sters that goes hand-in-hand with the Southern California rave and club culture. Ask anyone who resides in L.A. about DJ Thee-O and you will hear how they saw him at their first rave back in the early 90s or how they just heard his new track being dropped in a club downtown. Thee-O’s passion for the electronic dance culture surpasses his talent and skills at the turntables and beyond to the studio.

Thee-O is best known for his talented mixing and scratching skills along with his consistent sets that always get the crowds moving and grooving. His loyal following continues to grow not only in the city of L.A. but beyond the U.S., with help from his numerous amount of original music productions, MP3 Sets, pod-casts, CD’s, mix tapes, and his untiring efforts for the dance music industry that he loves so much. His DJing has taken him to 3 countries, 30 states and over 60 cities. Soon he will be traveling abroad to even more locations to spread his passion for the music.

“It is still a rush for me. After 16 years in this, I still find new things about that I enjoy. The music still is the main motivation for me.” – Thee-O