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V HOUSE Radio 053 | Randall

Randall X is the other half of the V House Crew. His roots run deep in the boogie and underground house community in Los Angeles. Since the early 2000’s, Randall has been involved in throwing some of the first roof top parties in LA.

Growing up, both of Randall’s grand parents worked for Yamaha keyboards.  This shaped who he is.  Around the age of 3, his grandfather put a floppy disk in one of the keyboards and it played the Beverly Hill’s Cop theme song.  Randall’s mind was blown.  Ever since, music has been a part of life for Randall.  “It needs to have emotion behind it” is how Randall selects songs.



V HOUSE Radio 045 | Randall X

Randall X is one of the members of the VHOUSE Crew. Coming from a Punk/Funk, Manchester Music, and Boogie background, he eventually came around to love House.  Randall X started over ten years ago spinning fashion shows, industry parties, and some of the first rooftop parties in Los Angeles. This eventually lead to djing with the original Hollywood Boogie crew Payday .  He played strictly wax under the name Randall X.

After years of hiding and collecting digital music he finally decided to jump on CDJs in 2017 along with his wax. With his style of Boogie, Italo Space Disco,and UK inspired house music, he’s upping the game when it comes to selecting top shelf disco, house, and boogie from all corners of the world.


Randall X at The Standard Hollywood