V HOUSE Radio 001 | Jaime Proano

This is the first in a series of underground LA House music mixes. V HOUSE RADIO 001

An exclusive mix by Jaime Proano


Jaime grew up in Los Angeles and started playing bass in punk bands from his early teenage years.  After years of raving and playing gigs with styles he never truly preferred, Jaime’s bass expertise lead him to indulge in playing his own style of bassline driven Nu Disco and House.  Now he’s found a nice home in the underground house community of Los Angeles, where he can play what he truly loves. Jaime is as much a music lover, as he is a DJ.

In fall 2015 Jaime started V HOUSE Radio with his longtime friend to share the love of fine dance music and endless talent in Los Angeles.  Jaime and the other members of the V HOUSE Crew believe in sharing tracks and promoting other artists to inspire and expand the next generation of Los Angeles House and Disco lovers.  This comes from his roots growing up in the Punk scene of Los Angeles where building a strong community and welcoming in new talent takes priority over self promotion.


1.Crazy Things – Vanilla Ace, Sugar Hill, Wasabi
2.The Boogie Woogie – Will Clarke
3.Planet Floor – Shiba San
4.Thank You – Re Dupre/Sammy W/Alex E
5.Do You Feel Me (Dosem Remix) – NY’S Finest
6.Time 2 Stop (Doorly remix) – S Man
7.The Reason – Jay Lumen
8.House Record – Steve Lawler
9.It’s Got Me – Doorly
10.Papapapaby – Mason
11.We Can’t – Malikk
12.Fake B – Vision Factory