V HOUSE Radio 050 | DJ Reza Live BBQ Park Jam 6 3-24-2018

His unique musical style and charismatic showmanship have distinguished Reza as a Musical Trendsetter and favored Party Rocker! DJ Reza is responsible for putting the “Grand” back in “Finale” annually at Americas largest Halloween Spooktacular Monster Massive. The DJ moniker would eventually find its way in front of Rezas name, but not without the hard work, self-discipline and strong personal ethics for earning professional credibility.


Self-taught the art of mixing, it was no coincidence that DJ Reza devoted his time and efforts to what started out as a hobby to being a true enthusiast to dance music culture. Aside from his duties as founder of Go Ventures, one of Americas leading purveyor of dance music events attracting crowds of at least 50,000 per, respectively. Armed with over a decade of experience in the nightlife business, highly respected and loved by everyone, Reza has established close relationships with some of the worlds most notable and renowned DJ talents, artists and promoters.

His style is limitless with an enormous bound of continuous energy that cant be matched. Its Dance Music, with a lot of different twists. From funky House, Tribal, to Electro, sometimes vocally charged but always sweet to the last beat. Nothings ever set or the same when hes on the decks, the music is always freshly delivered.